21-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Hi guys! I am new to Philly and going to school. I would greatly appreciate a donated bicycle to get around town! Student budget is sadly very little. Thanks for looking!
21-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Hi Everyone: I am looking for some moving boxes for my imminent move at the end of this month. Please let me know if you have any! Thank you so much in advance!
21-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I seek a small used/new table fan in good working and aesthetic conditions :)
21-Jul-2018Levittown, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
My daughter's new apartment for college doesn't have any counter space so she needs some type of storage for the kitchen.
call me at 267-977-1608
21-Jul-2018Abington, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
I properly recycle this stuff. Everything except for CRT (old tube type) monitors
21-Jul-2018Abington, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for scrap metal, and metal reusable for projects and welding practice. Thanks.
21-Jul-2018Abington, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Local artist looking for unwanted junk jewelry for repurposing. Will also accept old unwanted baby dolls and Barbies in decent condition. Willing to pickup! Cinsearae.S@gmail.com
20-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a toddler bed mattress in good condition
20-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Boy's Backpack (3rd-4th grade)
20-Jul-2018Trenton, NJ(22 miles)Items Wanted
I need to replace my back door. It would be nice if it had a glass pane.
20-Jul-2018Levittown, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a hard plastic baby pool for a dog.
If anyone has a large quantity at home they would like to get rid of I can take them.thank you!I plan to do a kids Easter hunt
20-Jul-2018Levittown, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I'm moving and need empty cardboard boxes in various sizes. ASAP please. Thanks.
20-Jul-2018Levittown, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a gray queen size bed skirt, or something that can be dyed gray. Thanks
20-Jul-2018Levittown, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Getting a Cochlear Implant in two weeks and want to try to force my ear to hear. Need a portable CD player to listen to books on CD or maybe a portable tape player. Thank you.
20-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
the end of my 60 watt L chord has broken.. and I was wondering if anyone had an old one or one they don't use that they can donate ... thank you
20-Jul-2018Abington, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
My nephew got accepted to a music school Just need a saxophone
20-Jul-2018Philadelphia, PA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a bicycle so I can get to work. I don't care what kind. If it needs some fixing, I can take care of that. Thank you!
20-Jul-2018Camden, NJ(10 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, this may be a long shot, but if anyone has a cello they are no longer using, we would love to give it a new home-- thanks!
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